How we developed Denzel


Starbucks meetup

First meeting in Starbucks

Our first meeting was set at Starbucks Oxford Street. We sat around a grand oak hipster table with papers and pens at the ready. Dean told us about his idea to put the Urban London scene on the Map, we drafted ideas and developed the concept.


The year we made it all real


Concept Development

Concept development of the game

By January 2013 we had decided we were going to create an endless runner set in London with our protaginist character, Denzel. We went to Peckham and Elephant and Castle taking pictures of the architecture and textures.


Starting Operations

Starting Operations and Development

Once we produced the documentation we decided to start the development of the game. We decided to use Unity 3d as our game engine which we would build the game on.


Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs we faced

y this time we had been told by developers we were working with that our idea was too ambitious. We didn't see this as a reason to stop so we continued looking for a developer who could accept the challenge


When we took things seriously


Let down again

Let down by another Developer

We found a developer who had been working with us sincd July 2013, but one day he went AWOL. We were worried that something bad had happened to him. We went out of our way to find a relative of his to make sure he was ok (which I know is creepy). Turned out he burnt out and gave us the duck and dive.


Seed Investment

From Bootstrap to Funding

By this time people knew we comitted to the project and saw that we had a passion for it so we were able to get some seed capital in order to complete the game. This was a big decision as we had funded the whole project ourselves

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Great Team

Working with a great team

We eventually had a great team with great qualities. We recognised that we needed the best talent in order to get the best job done.



2 Years of work done

We finished Denzel in December 2014. It was a very interesting journey which we learnt a whole heap from.

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The Year of the Launch